Retail Outlet Village
PAS recently carried out extensive alterations to the distributed sound system at the Cheshire Oaks Retail Village, re-locating equipment across the site, changing cables and equipment as part of a site wide programme of works.

Hospital and Clinics
Contracted to a NHS Trust, PAS have recently supplied access control and CCTV systems to a busy hospital and clinic site.

Town Hall Complex
PAS have recently completed the supply and installation of a large emergency PA system to a very busy and highly occupied local authority headquarters in the City of London.
Parish Church Sound System Installation
Sound Reinforcement System

This busy parish church had previously had a number of unsatisfactory sound systems which while capable of making a noise through their loudspeakers, all failed at producing clear, intelligible sound for parishioners in all areas of the church.

Church PA system

We had maintained the existing system for sometime and had discussed possible improvements with the clergy on a number of occasions. Evetually the time came for us to look at the problem and come up with a workable solution. Our proposal was to employ wide dispersion, line array loudspeakers from Bose Corporation coupled to a digital mixer and amplifier system. This was installed over several days by our engineers utilising discrete cable routes from the old system.

After careful and extensive setup with sophisticated test equipment, the result was a system which far surpassed the expectations of both clergy and congregation. An extra benefit of the digital control system was the ability to reduce the scope for “phantom knob twiddlers” to make unauthorised adjustments by locking out controls and for the system to revert back to pre-set default settings upon power up.

Further features provided were weekday and weekend setting scenes which make subtle adjustments to the levels and equalisation to cater for differing sizes of congregation. Now at last the congregation and clergy enjoy sound reinforcement of a quality that for years had eluded them.

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