I-Call High Power Communication System
Looking for a means of communicating in a noisy area?
Got a production area which needs a means of communication to cut through high background noise areas? The I-Call System is a method of communicating between operating positions on manufacturing lines with high ambient noise levels, where normal products and methods fail to be effective. Developed from proprietary audio products, the I-Call system can be developed and expanded to meet most production needs and background noise levels. Over the last decade the system has been successfully installed in steel production plants, paper mills, printing works, insulation production works to name but a few locations. Throughout this period it has been refined to offer a truly effective and cost effective solution to this problem.
The system is flexible and can be configured to suit many applications in production and manufacturing situations where operators and staff need to communicate over background noise levels which render conventional telephones and intercoms useless. The I-Call can produce volume levels which allow staff to hear clearly above machine noise in almost every situation.
The system operates in a simple but effective manner. An operator makes a call to colleagues by pressing his talk button and speaking into the microphone, all other positions hear the message through the horn speaker at their location. Any other operator may then respond by pressing the talk button on their microphone unit all other station hear that message. To avoid feedback local speakers are muted during a call, thereby ensuring maximum volume on the system.
MP562 Operator’s Microphone Unit
Using a robust noise cancelling microphone to cancel out background noise the MP562 unit is enclosed in a die-cast screened enclosure for mounting onto panels, posts or any other location where an operator can gain access. Units can be modified for panel installation with gooseneck versions of the microphone.

A pre-amplifier in each enclosure ensures the microphone audio signal is clean and above any resultant electrical noise pickup from adjoining power and control cables which may be local to the I-Call system cabling. On simple systems with up to four operator’s units, the cables daisy chain between the MP562 for ease of wiring.

Console mounted microphone options are also available.
MP577 Wall mounted operator's unit with fist microphone is also available.
Operator’s Horn Speaker
A horn speaker is employed at each operator's position to receive voice messages broadcasted from other operators. When a response is required the operator presses the talk button on his microphone unit and broadcasts to all the other stations. Each speaker has 3 volume settings and the overall system level can be adjusted with the system amplifier.

Volume levels can achieve in excess of 120 dBA at any position if required, sufficient for most problem areas.
Alternative microphones and loudspeakers can be supplied for control rooms and quieter areas which need to operate on the same system.
Download a datasheet on the I-Call system here.
Example Installation: Insulation manufacturer
Our client produces insulation materials for the building industry in which the manufacturing process takes place on machines in a linear fashion extending over 120m in length. With a control room and approximately 10 operator's stations along the machine it is imperative that staff can respond immediately to breakdowns, jams and snags when the machines roll.

Our system was first installed approximately eight years ago and has been extended on several occasions as new operator's positions were added to the machines. The system continues to operate effectively and reliably without any equipment failures over that period.